Why Munich


Munich – Because…..it has a large international population. 24% of Munich’s 1.4 million residents are non-Germans, representing more than 180 nations; and 40% of Munich’s population have at least one non-German parent.

Munich – Because…..it’s a global business hub with over 91,500 companies. Munich is home to global players such as seven of the top blue-chip companies listed in the DAX 30 index (Allianz, BMW, Infineon, Linde, MAN, Munich Re and Siemens), but also to a broad spectrum of small and medium-sized enterprises. There are over 1,000 foreign owned companies including leading blue-chip companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Kraft Foods, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Bain & Company, McDonalds and the Walt Disney Company.

Munich – Because…..of its diverse international influence in education. Munich is Germany’s 2nd largest University City with 14 institutions of higher education of which two are ranked 2nd & 3rd within Germany and 54th & 62nd in the world. Munich’s ranking as 13th for Best Student Cities attracts over 15,000 international students each year. Serving the International families in Munich there are 14 international schools and 72 international kindergartens. The top three schools providing an International Baccalaureate Diploma enroll over 4,000 students.

Munich – Because…..it’s where the world meets. Munich is the world’s smoothest hub. Germany’s most successful base of business and technology. The world’s safest and (according to a number of rankings) prettiest and most fun city. Munich is one of the world’s great centers for business meetings in all their forms – and especially trade fairs and congresses.

Munich – Because…..of the growing number of Global Citizens who are living in the third culture zone and rarely, if ever, have had the opportunity to hear the gospel. There are over 340,000 Global Citizens in Munich and the regional area, yet less than 0.3% are being reached with the Gospel.


Munich – Because…..God has called! Read more….