Prayer First

The first link in the DNA of Mosaic International
Fellowship Munich, is prayer.

Most church planters are aware of the great need for prayer and make sure it is a part of the activity of the new church. But as launch day nears and things start turning full speed, prayer can easily become little more than an add-on to the “really important” stuff.

Church planting can be a daunting task. We need to develop strategic plans, cultivate partnerships, gather a core/launch team, develop relationships with those within our target group, recruit and train leadership…., and the list goes on. But planting a church is far more than strategic work….it is a spiritual work, and a balanced and healthy vision will first seek God’s empowerment through prayer.

The early church, in Acts 1, was born in a prayer meeting. There were one hundred and twenty who waited in the upper room for ten days, “continually devoting themselves to prayer.” The first link in our DNA at Mosaic is to embrace dependence through prayer! We must establish a foundation of prayer and build upon it as the church grows! We must either be praying or fainting – there is no other alternative.

True prayer is an awareness of our helpless need and acknowledgment of His divine adequacy leading us to embrace dependence. For Jesus, prayer was as necessary as breathing the very breath of life. If we don’t pray then we are not expressing any dependence on Him. As we strive to build a healthy multi-ethnic, inter-cultural church we will need to be men and women of prayer and great faith – disciples who fully abandon ourselves to the will of God, trusting Him day to day.

In doing God’s work there is no substitute for praying. E.M. Bounds declared; “Prayer puts God’s work in His hands and keeps it there.”

Prayerfully consider joining the Prayer First Team! We are seeking 120 people who will commit to praying for us and this new church plant in Munich Germany.