Kyle Jr.

Kyle Jr. is 21 and attending the EU Business School in Munich, pursuing a degree in International Relations/Business. He plays the alto saxophone in the school band and jazz band, and the violin in the school orchestra. He is involved in leadership groups at school, serves on the tech team at church, and since he was four years old he has played Fußball (soccer). He is on the High School soccer team and in the summer competitive league. Kyle Jr. also plays tennis and golf on the school team,  and is a gifted artist. Kyle gave his heart to Jesus at an early age and has committed his life to being an Ambassador for Christ.

Hi, I am Kyle Jr. I love to paint, draw, and obviously play Fußball. I gave my heart to the Lord as a young boy, but as I have found through my walk with the Lord, faith does not happen overnight. It is a process that takes time, prayer, and study in the word. As in any relationship, communication is key to growing in that relationship. If you were to never talk to your best friend for years, obviously your relationship with that person would be weak. In a relationship with Jesus, prayer is our way as a believer to communicate with Him, and that is why I so strongly believe prayer is key to a relationship with God.

When my dad first told us of this opportunity, I was overjoyed at the idea that we would be able to spread His word to the diverse people of München. It is a dream come true.